Springboard Forestry is a forestry business based Northwest Oregon. Springboard is led by Ben Hayes, a 6th generation Oregonian. The Hayes family followed the trees west from upstate New York and Wisconsin in the late 1800s, and has lived and worked in forests ever since.

Ben is also a co-owner of Hyla Woods, an experimental family forest in Oregon’s coast range, and a board member of the Northwest Natural Resources Group. He has a Masters of Forestry from Yale University, an Mdes from Harvard University, and a BA from Whitman College. Ben has completed additional training in forest appraisal, variable probability sampling design, conservation finance, and carbon project development. When not in the woods, Ben enjoys working on wooden boats and floating wild rivers.

Springboard Forestry works with a wide range of experienced forestry contractors and consultants throughout the Northwest, allowing us to respond to project needs in an effective manner.

Springboard Forestry is a member of the Oregon Woodland Cooperative, Forest Stewards Guild, and Society of American Foresters.

And, if you’re still asking yourself, what is a springboard? The forestry definition is a strong and flexible board with a metal “toe” on the end. The board is inserted into a notch in the tree in order to elevate the faller on a large tree. Walk along a trail with old growth stumps and you will likely see springboard notches hidden under moss. A good example of a cedar stump with many springboard notches is included below.