Forests are perhaps the best, most local, and most tangible way that we can leave out mark on the land. By owning, stewarding, and planning for forests appropriately, they can serve a vast array of values. While we work closely with financial values, we also help landowners account and manage for many others, including water quality and quantity, carbon sequestration, climate change adaptation, habitat, recreation, and aesthetics.

Springboard clients are primarily land trusts, non profit foundations, and municipalities, however we do work with some family landowners and investors as well. What they share is an interested in the benefits provided by thoughtful forest stewardship. Many of our clients are driven by a forest’s ability to provide clean drinking water, carbon sequestration, habitat, and aesthetics, as well as economics. From conservation finance to forest stewardship, and municipal watersheds to timber cruises, we work with clients to fulfill needs on time and with quality information.

Our contracts are transparent. As landowners, we understand the challenges and dynamics of forestry, family, and stewardship. Discounts are available to non-profit clients.