Seedlings in the ground

There are few times better for thinking than with a tree planting bag around your waist, a shovel in your hand, and sideways rain pelting your face. This year found us re-planting a thinned unit, planting some small patch cuts, and going through and re-planting failed regeneration from past years, mostly the result of elk damage.

With tumultuous political winds, a seemingly runaway economy, and uncertainty all around, putting seedlings into the ground is one of the most hopeful things that we can do. To finish out the planting season I brought one cedar seedling home and planted it in our side yard. While even my grandchildren may never cut that one, it’s heartening to think of all those little seedlings out there, sucking up moisture and nutrients, and beginning to grow. In all likelihood, my children or grandchildren might harvest them, or thin around them, or simply walk under their canopy.